Columbia, SC

Columbia, SC

Air Conditioning Service and Heating Repairs in Columbia, SC

The city of Columbia is the capital of the state of South Carolina. It is the second largest city in South Carolina with a population of 134,309 according to the US Census Bureau in 2016. Efforts to revitalize downtown Columbia took place in the late 1990s and created several districts including the Colonial Life Arena, Village at Sandhill shopping center and Founders Park. These areas generated interest for athletic games, concerts and entertainment. Additionally, natural trails and parks were expanded allowing for outdoor activities to increase in Columbia. 

As the population of Columbia continues to increase, new homes are being constructed across Columbia. If you are settling into a home in Columbia, make sure your heating and air conditioning systems are working! In Columbia, summers temperatures are consistently over 90 degrees, while winters have chilly lows around 40 degrees. If you ever need a repair for any HVAC system, residents of Columbia recommend local HVAC contractor Dan’s Heating & Air. 

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Since 1981, Dan’s Heating & Air has specialized in air conditioning services and heating services across Columbia SC. Call us today if you need any help with repairs so that you can be comfortable in your home! 

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